Thursday, May 13, 2010

Justina - Go Fck YaSelf

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Another review from my blog, Justina is a completely new name to me so when I received the blurb from her publicist I'm like mmmmmmmm. Been here, saw the error message. The publicist explains that Justina is a 'modern day solution for the same old, ‘cookie-cutter’, pop artist'. OOookkk, lets see what's behind the image then eh? Justina is, as you would expect, an extremely cute young lady obviously and of course that helps - ask any man. As a reviewer of unsigned music I have an inbuilt hatred of most commercial music and especially of the hip hop/R&B genres where wetness and/or macho braggadocio is about the only choices you get. Justina sails real close to this, but it IS the flavour of the month, can't blame the girl. Although I had Go Fck Yaself (how could I not with a title like that) slated for review, I did listen to a few tracks from the pages I mention above, and there's a very confident young singer hanging out here.

Proof of this is, I think, most exemplified with the version of Whatcha Say (The Original) which you can hear here.

I, of course, as is my usual wont drifted towards the profane and lo and behold I got what I wanted. Justina is from Clifton NJ so rap is where she is with Go Fck Yaself, and - all kidding about the profanity aside - she makes a damn fine job of it. You wouldn't think that something so basic would come out of the mouth of such a sweet babe bu hey, that's the modern world for you. She's got a great sound too, and one that is undeniably commercial right down to the obligatory Autotune-d vocals. Tell you what, whoever is behind the technical side of Justina's sound needs a solid pat on the back because sound, arrangement and some really great musical touches ensure that Justina has all the right cards.

More to the point, drift below the fold (as it were) of her Myspace site and you'll find TONS of live video which shows this isn't just a recording professionalism, it carries into a extremely effective live show with a real band. Neat if you happen to live around the New Jersey area and obviously well worth checking out live, for the rest of us Earth-bound mortals the videos are the proof that pop and/or commercial music can have soul and emotion. You can purchase Go Fck YaSelf through iTunes (it says here) but I do suggest you check out her whole catalog because, as good as Go Fck YaSelf is, there is a lot more to this girl than 'go head, go head, go **** yourself...'

Highly Recommended pop voice

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This song is the shitttttttttttt!!!!