Friday, May 14, 2010

This Modern Empire - Love Is The New Black

Hear The Track Here

When I first reviewed Australian band The Empires (This Modern Empire is their new name) I have to admit to some trepidation, but the original version of Love Is The New Black (July 2009) soon put paid to that reaction although it had some flaws, as I said in the review. A fairly decent Indie band is what I heard and one I thought had some room to grow. Better Way (January 2010) showed that growth and got a good rating from me but then came the name change and a new - studio recorded - track, How You See The World (April 2010). Now This Modern Empire definitely seemed to know what they were doing and it is an excellent slice of Alternative rock. The only tracks on their Soundclick page are How You See The World and this version of Love Is The New Black. I am told, mind, that this is a new version put down at the same time as How You See The World so let's take it as a brand new track.

Tell the truth, I only ever keep Must Have tracks, and the occasional other highly recommendeds so I've completely forgotten what the original was like anyway. Now, as much as I like the latest version, it's cleaner than I remember and they may have shortened it even, it is still just an okay sort of song. It doesn't strike me with the resonance How You See The World but that feeling may well be coloured somewhat by the original review (bad Gilmore, mustn't read yourself), but it is nonetheless a very decent Alternative Indie track. Certainly I can see that the two tracks together will give a much better impression of the band than the one I started with.

Whoever doing all the knob-twiddling in the studio certainly knows their stuff, from the very pretty acoustic intro to the rocky core of the beast, this is almost perfect. Personally I could have done with more volume on the vocals and a much fatter kick sound but that's just me being picky. For sure, if you like modern Indie music, then This Modern Empire has all the right credentials, sulky vocals, understated backing vocals and a jangly guitar soundtrack. All the main food groups, even. Going to be interesting to see where the band go from here because, to me, they certainly have much potential even though they have yet to make me sit up and beg. (Ed: Not a pretty sight, and they probably know that)

Highly Recommended Indie Alternative.

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