Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thomas J Marchant - No Go Home

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Wouldn't be the same if we passed a month without a new Thomas J track, and he's right there on the doorstep along with the rest of the usual crew with No Go Home which appears to be a new track but this is a VERY prolific musician. More to the point, he's always been prolific even back when he was just an electronic tinkerer and who would have thought back then that Thomas J Marchant would become the all round singer and songwriter he has since become, gathering a lot more fans than I think even Thomas would have dared hope for. All well deserved btw because over the past few years Thomas has hardly put a foot wrong musically, as the string of Must Haves from me and the plaudits from others amply testifies.

It's a measure also of how confident a singer he has become that No Go Home is essentially carried by the vocal (and his inimitable lyrical style) and on No Go Home it's obvious that he fears nothing; a musician on a hell of a roll. All in the garden isn't exactly rosy mind because - above all - you have to deal with Thomas's style of production and delivery too, and that, I have found, is a bit of an acquired taste. I'm certain every one who likes this musician will be nodding their heads at that, but that's a puzzling fact because - to my mind - Thomas has all the hallmarks of a modern musician and if there were any justice he'd be famous already. Still, I am incredibly biased and I'm quite prepared to admit it.

Normally I'd pass on the little technical glitches that crop up in Thomas's work but on No Go Home, it's not always possible because they do get in the way of the main event, the song and the vocals. Not to the point where it becomes an irritant, but certainly more noticeable because it's not the usual thing. Mind you, the first (say) thirty seconds make up for everything that comes after, Thomas at his most relaxed. I think the main culprit for the vocal problem is the effective (maybe too much so) bass synth would is probably a tad too high in the mix. Overall, though, when dealing with Thomas, the song is the thing and No Go Home is Thomas J Marchant in full spate.

Marvellous Marchant whimsey. Highly Recommended UK Alternative.

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