Friday, May 21, 2010

RwK - The Wheel Of Life

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It has become my fervent belief (or should that be fevered in the present case) that Mixposure is a site full of musical sluts. (Ed: (choking on his dinner) You CAN'T say that!! They'll sue us!!!) Seriously, these guys will play with anyone (Ed: OK Stop now), and especially with each other!!! Gasp all you like, my stupefied readers, but it's true (Ed: in his opinion. It's like his fame; in his lunchtime) How many tracks have I reviewed from there that reads like a Mixposure cast list. And who is the sluttiest musical slut of them all? Three little letters spell out RwK, a guitar Jezebel whose shrieks and moans (from his guitar of course) has adorned many a track. Damn it, he's even played with Mike-K!! TWICE!!! Hold on, let me just check something..... OK, my insurance is up to date, so let's press on into the mire... So, we ask ourselves, who has RwK managed to snag for cavorting purposes this time. Which innocent doe-eyed youngster has fallen for that rugged Penn State charm this time?

Eeek, it's a bird!!

Well not strictly speaking a tweet tweet, look at me I'm all feathers type bird. More of an English lady (Ed: damn the man, how dare he!!) known to all and sundry as lyricist Melsi. Or, to give her a proper ladies name, Mellina Barnett. Melsi happens to write some excellent lyrics and - of course - she has to use other musicians to get them heard. I know quite a lot of songwriters who work this way and it's produced some awesome tunes from people as diverse as Dawn Diamond, Carol Douglas and many others. Melsi is well up to that standard as the lyrics of The Wheel Of Life show. We worked on a song together a while back which showed me how talented she was, along with tracks I had heard in other Mixposure hands. I've already waxed lyrical (Ed: hysterical surely?) about the joys of RwK's guitar style and tone over umpteen reviews so let's not go there. One thing to note though, although he may be a lead guitarist, Rick Kresiak (for it is he), doesn't so much shred as smoulder and burn and - should you get close enough - could well melt your ears.

If you doubt the veracity of that statement, listen to the first twenty five seconds of this at full volume then come back and say eh? eh? eh? Rick had me at '12 string' but maybe the rest of you are considerably harder to please, so what can The Wheel Of Life offer you besides thoughtful, interesting lyrics and a pyromaniac guitarist? Well, there is so much here it's hard to pick out all the good bits, certainly the sound itself is worthy of mention, but the vocals are the cream of the crop - without doubt. While I have some reservations about the style, and even noticed one or two fairly obvious flubs, it all pales into insignificance once the song is truly established in your brain. A really excellent example of serendipity at work - a place the net seems made for. Not sluttish after all. Just plain good sense. Inspirational. Come and walk again in wonderland.

Highly recommended Classic Rock ballad.

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