Thursday, May 27, 2010

Karma Police (UK) - Moon March (D&B Remix)

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I think Neil Anderson (aka Karma Police (UK)) tired of months of me whining that music first released in 2004, while still relevant, isn't exactly what this musician is doing now is it? So this month he has taken pity on us and ....wait for it....wait for it.... gave us a brand new track. OK, OK, stand easy and keep the crowd back Constables!! Nothing to see here. So were was I before everything kicked off? Ah yes, kicking Neil's butt... Actually not true because I did have a good wallow in nostalgia for the period 2004-2005 which was an awesome time to be on Soundclick, but enough is enough and the message was received.

So, what happened when he grew up?

The original of Moon March was described as 'spacey and ambient' and never could two words have conveyed greater horror for this reviewer because I generally hate both with equal venom. Actually not true, I am at my most pitiless with ambient but that's another story. So after a thousand years of wandering the depths of space (Ed: two minutes actually, I checked. Unlike that lazy bastard) the track kicks into life and, considering the genre was OK. Drums and bass (d&b) is much more my style and I liked the sections of the original where this happened, and a d&b version may well really bring out that side of the track. All that floaty, spacey stuff is enough to give me air-sickness.

Now while I wouldn't really call Moon March (D&B Remix) hard d&b, it's still a bit too spacy for that. What it turns out to be is a fine slice of prime chill out with an iron backbone. A lot of the original fluff has disappeared though and what we now see is a sleeker, much more propulsive method of getting through the depths of space blah blah. Never gave up on the whole space idea though and that's a good thing because I am well into the possibilities the future offers us - should we manage to get to it in one piece. So, all told, this is a very nice piece of work indeed, but I expected as much because his past work is as impressive.

Highly Recommended Chillout with a touch of d&b.

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