Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gabriel Sabadi - White Sky Dark Earth feat Chris Moore and Kephas

Hear The Track Here

OK, now this is getting ridiculous. I went over to Gabriel Sabadi's page while writing this review and I had the hardest time getting past the first page because Don't Show Me Around (April 2010) and the more I hear that track the more I see just how good it is. So much so that I regret only giving it a highly recommended, and that is a rare occurrence indeed. Should have been a Must Have, isn't hindsight the most fucked up sense we possess? Anyway, White Sky, Dark Earth also feature's Chris Moore, as does Don't Show Me Around, but with the special added attraction of Mixposure stalwart Kephas who - it has to be said - has been very quiet over the last year. I know he must be heartily sick of the whole Carlos Santana soundalike rep, but I think he is one of the most distinctive guitarists on Mixposure and I'm glad to hear him after such a long break.

If Gabe keeps going on this way, he may very well single-handedly win me back to the prog-rock standard and that would never do, think of the damage to my reputation (Ed: huh? Reputation?? Ha ha ha ha ha ha). Gabriel Sabadi has been at this a good while, and even though he has had no special musical training, shows that what counts is detail and finesse and he piles that on relentlessly. Kephas gets to really stretch out on this track, and again that's a joy to hear but that should in no way detract from the excellence of the performance and the solid framework of the song. As you might suspect, wherever Kephas is, there will be a Latin sound happening and that's where - to my mind - this track really scores. Sure, it's a latin feel but it has it's feet rooted firmly in the rock.

I've said it a hundred million times but it never ceases to amaze me at the level of some internet only musicians and Gabriel, Chris and Kephas are three class examples of how talent will out, no matter what. There is absolutely nothing cheap and shoddy about this track and much to be treasured especially if you have an appreciation of where so much modern music comes from, and God bless Mixposure it's giving them the IDEAL shop window for their music - made for internet rock radio for rock animals like you and me. While I can't say that White Sky Dark Earth is anything like as right on the money as Don't Show Me Around, it's head and shoulders above most music you hear from unsigned sources. Oh, and btw, keep your eye out for his other outfit, GSM, whose Time Will Cure Us All (March 2010) started all this prog-rock appreciation...

Gaaaahhh.....I need to spit that out!!! Highly Recommended rock.

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