Friday, May 21, 2010

Barricades Rise - No Love Lost EP

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Barricades Rise, an Alternative duo from the UK are obviously not people to do things by half. So far I've reviewed one EP - Blueprints (June 2008 - and one LP - Your And Your Adored (August 2009) and here we are back with another EP. Obviously, this is not an idle band. I really liked the songs and vocals on Blueprints but the LP really showed a much better picture of what the band is about and consequently gained a Must Have rating from me. Both of these, btw, were also put out as free downloads through Bandcamp and are well worth the time and effort downloading especially if you like original, energetic and meaningful songs and performances. In fact both still reside on my hard drive so that I can pull them out from time to time. In my review of the tracks on You And Your Adored I wrote 'you wouldn't think a couple of geezers on acoustics could make music this complex' and they have brought that complexity to bear beautifully in the No Love Lost EP.

I Gave Up The World is, to my ears anyway, a solid gold hit, stating its case in no uncertain terms but it may take a while for you to catch it so give it a few plays and I guarantee that it will stick like glue. Jonathan Coates is a class vocalist, wrapping his tonsils effortlessly around the tune and Michael McEntee supplying backing vocals. Although it's essentially an acoustic tune (as it most of their material) doesn't make it any the less relevant. On a heavier rock touch, Ghosts strides manfully out of western sunset soundtrack, complete with cheesy 1950's guitar sound. No question about it, these guys know how to evoke scenes and atmosphere. Perfect sound and a very neat little tune indeed.

Brakes takes a much more traditional acoustic approach to display what is probably the jewel of the whole EP, and I say that is the sure knowledge that it basically a ballad and you know I hates them. The band has a remarkable consistency which is displayed by every track on this EP, or indeed of all of the tracks I have reviewed. Their songs are always memorable, their performances everything you would expect from acoustic musicians (ie two guitars), the limitations of which Barricades Rise transcend effortlessly to put across tracks with depth and personality. To my mind there are at least two definite Must Haves on this EP but every track has something to offer the listener and well worth checking out, especially if you like your music in an acoustic manner. As the man says in the last track of this EP, The Preacher, 'they don't make them like this any more' Too right.

Great songs, knockout performance and sound. MUST HAVE Alternative.

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