Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Premium Draft - Don't Fit In With The Times

Hear The Track Here

A brand new name to me now, and new to Soundclick I suppose is Sioux City, Iowa based classic rock band Premium Draft. Yay, just what need, another classic rock band! I am, as you know, not happy with a situation where people THINK they know what classic rock is, and yet deliver the same old warmed-over rock riffs we've been hearing ever since the dawn of the genre, and they were hackneyed enough at the time. Premium Draft seems to consist of four piss artists...ooops...I'm sorry, beer drinkers who undoubtedly make music in their moments of lucidity. Mind you, it's more than passing strange that not one member of the group looks old enough to be a drinker of any note. So they probably don't drink at all.

But a good name is a good name though, right?

Don't Fit In With the Times shows that whatever age they may look, underneath that mild manner, are a bunch of grungy, sweaty, beer bellied, extremely hirsute barflys from a much older school of rock. In style, at least on this Blues Rock outing, they remind me most of the peerless Canned Heat when they first started. The kind of rock blues that says fun with every note and judging by the reaction they seem to be getting live, would indicate they will be a live band of some power.

Sure, Blues Rock isn't the busiest part of the musical soundscape, but it has some very dedicated listeners and fans who - when they come across this - will nod their heads wisely and snag it immediately. On the contrary, I think music like this does indeed fit in with the times and Premium Draft don't put a foot wrong into putting their message across. The sound is big and open, driven by solid instrumentation that while it sticks to a standard format, supplies more than enough energy to light up the spaces between your ears. This is apparently the title track of their album of which five tracks are on their Soundclick page. Go, rock and multiply...

Classic, classic blues rock. Highly Recommended.

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