Saturday, May 29, 2010

Those Among Us - Feel

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Because there is a certain amount of movement around Silvertrain (now called Those Among Us apparently) at the moment, I have considerably more confusion than normal. Taking into account that my normal state is of utter confusion, throwing more onto the fire is - as the man said - doing my head in. So, consequently here I am yet again reviewing a track I have no idea about, even though John Brandon (of Silvertrain) has probably written me chapter and verse about it including - and here I hang my head in absolute shame - where you might be able to listen to it because I don't see it on the Silvertrain page. I'm also pretty certain that it has nothing to do with John's new BSM offshoot either because - unless I am very mistaken - I hear Lino's work on this which WOULD make it a Silvertrain track...

Confused?? Confuddled?? Best read on then...

Anyone who has heard the new, much improved Silvertrain line up will instantly recognise this, and again it confirms that John's instinct to move away from the band's pop rock roots is a valid one. See, while John and Ritchie were both active, Ritchie's presence tended to balance John's more introspective outlook, as we have discovered from the endless stream of John Brandon demos this reviewer has plowed through. All that work did pay off IMHO though because not only has John improved beyond belief as a songwriter, he has developed the right outfit and sound to put it across.

I have had grave reservations about where Silvertrain were shunting off to, most notably in my review of Under Pressure (March 2010) where I moaned that 'the distinctive, almost innocent appeal of Silvertrain's earlier existence barely gets a look in'. Well, I guess the boy done growed up because Feel is something I heartily recommend you get a taste of because if this is the new Silvertrain then I'll be wanting a lot more of it. Funkier and rockier than anything the original Silvertrain could have come up with, Feel is a taste of glories to come.

MUST HAVE Silvertrain (Ed: and about time too)

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