Monday, May 10, 2010

333maxwell - Till Life Do Us Part

Hear The Track Here

Another extremely regular visitor to my review list was also my Artist Of The Year 2009 and shows no sign of running out of steam any time soon. He's a prolific sob that's for sure and, I am fairly certain, he's even taken to writing tracks especially for these reviews and if that doesn't tick you off nothing will. Anyone else said that, I would have laughed at them but - to be honest - I wouldn't put anything past Chas Holman (aka 333maxwell). Those who know him know he can be a tricky cove. Last month, for example, saw me reviewing Thomas J Marchant with Keeping Up Appearances (April 2010) and there, lurking in the background, is none other than the numbered one. Both of them delivering one of the best tracks it has been my privilege to listen to this year but, it has to be said, I am a big, big fan of both these excellent musicians/songwriters so my own bias is showing big time.

Despite the orchestral shenanigans that dot the intro, the main body of the track is unashamedly rock, and of the old school too. Not something that our Max is known to dabble in that much and this track begs the question why not? Well, because he's too busy marauding through every other genre known to man I guess. The problem is my own bias (which is enormous) and the incredibly high standard this musician always brings to the game makes it hard usually to sort the men from the boys - as it were. At first glance, Till Life Do Us Part, looks and feels like a second tier 333maxwell track but knowing this musician well means that you never take anything at face value. Sure, he might have made it in about five minutes, but his tracks always bear closer scrutiny.

I've compared him stylistically to Sir Paul McCartney (bless him all) but on Till Life Do Us Part he takes the Harrison route with a rocky, almost gospel flavoured guitar fest that our George would have been proud of. Absolutely the best thing about any 333maxwell track is that, no matter what the genre, there will be much of interest to you, especially if you know musicians of taste and quality. Despite his intense modesty, there is no doubt that 333maxwell is a very influential and much admired member of Soundclick's musical community and a track like this one just shows how capable he is. While I wouldn't put this up there with his best work, Till Life Do Us Part would put almost anything else to shame. Giving you some indication of just how good 333maxwell is, so if you like this you are going to love what else he has to offer. Something for just about every taste, I shouldn't wonder.

Highly Recommended rock t'ing.

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