Monday, May 10, 2010

Slow Ryders - So Many B*tches

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Sinclair (The Rapper) and Chuck The Producer (aka Slow Ryders) - as you may have gathered from the song's title - frolic about in the field of hip hop; riches, bitches and glitches. A new name to me from Soundclick, an endless source of unsigned hip hop for this reviewer, Slow Ryders hail from Florida, a surprisingly active hip hop state. On the blurb on the website, they list where they came from and all is fine until my eyes flick nervously on the sentence 'We'll see if the auto tuner gets us anywhere'. Ooooh ****!!! The curse of modern hip hop strikes again, as I suppose another clue should have been the listing of T-Pain as an influence. Sorry, but IMHO this whole thing is done to death. The only tracks I have heard lately that have used Autotune in any meaningful way - at least on an unsigned level - is Wake Of Destruction, also - as it happens - from Florida. All happening in the sunshine and showers state eh?

Sporting its obligatory Parental Advisory, So Many B*tches sidles up to your ears and shouts profanity almost non-stop into them. I'm sure some bright spark will take time to count how many cusswords this song contains but I really couldn't give a rats ass. So, profanity doesn't upset me the way it does some folks, and while I understand that, profanity in music must have some kind of point for me to really enjoy it. So, as far as that goes, only really two ways it could fall; either as a kind of ironic, humorous rant or a crazed **** everything rant of epic proportions. So Many B*tches could be taken either way, at least I thought so but this is American macho and who the hell can tell any more?

For all I know, the rapper may indeed be deadly serious about his sexual adventures in his shag-mobile (Ed: car) but do we really need to know about it? Musically, mind, the track is pretty decent, revolving between a simple piano structure and even simpler beats, it's just enough to throw the rap into stark relief. Personally I found this funny and I know I shouldn't because I can't really see me going down the road to the shops with this 'blasting from my ride' Not, then, a track to be played while those with gentler ears are around but I didn't see this track as anything to get that irate about it but I know there are plenty of people who would get real bent out of shape about this track. Me, I just can't take it all that seriously.

Profanity strewn (but funny) hip hop rant. Recommended.

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