Monday, May 17, 2010

Timmy Sells His Soul - Cop Cars Like Sharks

Hear The Track Here

Ooooh, did you feel that too? That little frisson of terror when you saw the name of this next musician? You will no doubt remember then the surreal excursions we have had into the mind and musical vision of Daniel Euphrat, and remember too that this is not someone to be taken lightly, but nonetheless has managed to find more than a few friends. My first encounter was years ago when I reviewed Dross, the band he is in with brother Greg, and that was nothing short of OMG. Guanoman (another Soundclick name to inspire terror in youngsters) and Dross made one of the very weirdest ever tracks with Gradually Sealing Every Orifice In His Head (December 2004) and me life hasn't been the same since.

Dross (and Guanoman) still put in an appearance every once in a while but Timmy Sells His Soul has more than made up for that and I've in fact reviewed around five or six tracks by now and yet, and yet...I'm still afraid...very afraid... There are experimental artists who dabble in sound for sounds sake, there are experimental artists who thrive on noise and dissonance, and there are experimental artists whose music cannot be understood by anything higher than a canine, and Timmy Sells His Soul has done all of them. Some extremely painfully, and some with his tongue very firmly in his cheek. None, I am staggered to admit, that have enough in them that I could truthfully say it was beautiful but after hanging out with this track for a while, I think I am going to have to rethink this. Let me see, how to describe it???

Imagine Mike Oldfield having taken a bucketful of a suitable mind-altering substance, deciding he wants to re-do Tubular Bells but he can't seem to keep the weird sounds he keeps hearing in his head out of the track, and that's pretty much what you are going to hear from this track. There are some startlingly pretty bits and that's definitely a first for this musician who absolutely does not do pretty, unless it was a wartified, haggard pretty. More to the point, its actually a song, sung by the man himself with the help of some kind of vocoder but I have no idea what its about unless it's just a series of snapshots of what he is seeing... Surprisingly enough, I loved this....

Highly Recommended weirdness.

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