Friday, May 21, 2010

Freiflug - Liebesschlacht

Hear The Track Here

Ok ladles and gerbils, pin back your eyeballs because you are about to see me do something I almost never (that's n-e-v-e-r) do. Interupt the review flow. In all the time I have been reviewing I have only ever been struck to review something right there, that minute a very few times. Put it like this, the last time I did anything like this was with Irish band The Shed and that was years ago. Soooo, while I was browsing through Mixposure last night, I came across German musicians Freiflug (Freeflight?) and I couldn't believe my ears. See, I have long held a taste for German metal bands, lately augmented by some ridiculously good cross-genre bands and, all said and done, the German music scene has energy, life and attitude a mile high. Names like Rammstein, SITD, Eisbrecher, Oomph, KMFDM and Good Charlotte show that German bands have something hot going on.

I admit I was beginning to despair of finding the equivalent in an unsigned setting, believe me I've combed every site I've been on for music of this type. And then Freiflug comes to the rescue - big style. My interest and involvement with the German music scene goes back years and the reason for that is because - above all - Germans have a marvellous knack for arrangement. And hooks, by God, hooks by the bucketload! Now while Boney M definitely sounds cheesy these days, Freiflug are bang right up to date and still maintain that pop sensibility. I instantly hoovered up all five tracks on their page but Liebesschlacht is the track that caught my ear because it has absolutely all of the things I most like about this kind of music. Understand, of course, that I don't understand one word of German, but that has never been the point for me. The point has always been the superlative music.

Mind you, if you have a problem with sexual sounds in music, best stop right there. The intro features a divine darling in the throes of OMG OMG so if this offends you don't be going there. Tell you what, when German bands get cracking, they rock like no one else on the planet. I have a fairly large collection of this kind of music that I have come by commercially and the most amazing thing about Liebesschlacht is that it fits right in with the stuff that cost an arm and a leg in the normal way. Seriously good production, excellent, energetic performance and a lady moaning, what more could you ask for? What? What's that you say? You want to SEE the lady moaning?? What kind of people are you??? Seeing as it's you though, there's a video here and try and keep it tasteful k? While you are there, take a look at the Ewigkeit video too. Not as sexy a video maybe, but a really good song.

MUST HAVE German language rock

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