Monday, May 31, 2010

Pilesar - Love Monkey #1

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With a title like that it can only come from one source, uber experimentalist and all round musical lunatic, Pilesar. The man has been hitting a serious roll as far as good tracks go over the past (say) year or so. Not that he hasn't made good tracks in the past, they are many and legion. I myself have been under Pilesar's baleful spell ever since I was subjected to a massive dose of his music with the irritatingly cute (but enormously strange) Just A Turtle (September 2004) and Mandible's Acka Fracka (October 2004) - a track that still defies adequate description to this day. Since then there has been a lifetime of great tracks and awesome moves, including Pilesar setting up the excellent Chameleon Dish Archives netlabel..

Not just a love monkey then... (Ed: wtf IS, don't answer that)

As you can imagine Love Monkey #1 focuses on that most enjoyable of pastimes, eating bananas. I jest of course. Sex is the name of the game so - as Pilesar so rightly states - let's stop wasting our precious time. In anyone else's hands this would would be a cute, probably pink, love poem that is enough to induce vomit within a fifty mile radius. In Pilesar's hands, of course, it would be anything but and probably a great many things that shouldn't even be spoken about in polite company. See, Pilesar is different to other musicians, and you'd better believe that statement BEFORE you play the track.

Pilesar has never been an easy musician to assimilate, and yet he has a surprising amount of support both from fellow musicians and a wider audience and has managed to carve out his own Pilesar shaped niche where he quite happily churns out sonic squalls by the bucketload. Love Monkey #1 is a song that builds on the sound we have become used to through his live tracks, and he pays much respect to his musical roots - whether he is aware of it or not. There is a pleasing retro feel to this track that I suspect will endear it to many people who maybe wouldn't have heard of Pilesar previously.

Pilesar as primate. Highly Recommended musical lunacy.

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