Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Skeptic Tanks - Tomfoolery

Hear The Track Here

Every Thursday night in a particular place in the land known as the United Kingdom, three guys get together to relax, shoot the shit and make some music. OK, sounds like a fairly common scenario so far right? Well John, Roger and Conory first introduced themselves when I reviewed The Slab, which surprisingly enough was exactly that. A slab of chunky, chewy, textured electronica that was a real rush to the ears. Mind you, Conory should be a name to ring some bells with regular readers will already know we are not going to go far wrong with him in the mix.

Tell ya what though, the front room must have been packed to the brim when Tomfoolery came about. Here's the line up: John, Griff, Roger , Awumba(?) and Conory but it looks as if Conory is responsible for the lyrics and vocal. What comes across more than anything else is the fun these sessions must be, Tomfoolery having a brilliant display of aural idiocy played out over a 'are we there yet?' refrain. Mind you, that might mean that you miss just how good the music track, and that will never do.

Like The Slab, it's kinda difficult to figure out which are real instruments and which are electronic, which is fine by me because that's how it should be. Certainly all the the stringed things (guitars, basses) sound real and probably are. Nice drum track too, although I doubt that is real. Doesn't hurt the track any, and its just me nit-picking. Strange slant on this track but don't let that put you off, this is a very enjoyable piece of Alternative/experimental, with special mention to the later guitar sounds and phrases that see the song out. It's well worth waiting for.

Highly Recommended and Awumba to you too...

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