Friday, July 17, 2009

Daniel Eboli - Redemption

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As a reviewer I probably am harsher with the genres that I work in, ie more judgemental about the tracks structure and feel, performance and - of course - the ideas behind it. Nowhere is this more so than my own chosen World music field. Many have come a cropper with me by describing something as World music when its patently obvious it has nothing to do with the genre, other than an instrument or two. Nope a true World musician to me is someone who can work and mold the many disparate instruments and textures from hither and yon and make it into a living, breathing whole. In short, a piece of music that lifts the mood; one of those tracks you can't wait to hear what comes next.

Step forward Daniel Eboli...

As usual while downloading the track I glanced over his artist details and noticed a couple of dreaded words; ringtones and soundtracks. I needn't have worried though because Redemption is exactly what it says it is. It feels a whole lot shorter than its three minutes and that's a sure sign I am enjoying a track. Whenever it had finished playing I had the urge to hear it again, just because it sounded so damn good the first time round. 'Space orchestra and an imaginary Theremin' Daniel says in the song comments and that's giving you the bare minimum. In this case, thank God, we have an orchestra that actually sounds like an orchestra.

The joy for me with World music is that once you gain a certain competence, the music you make becomes more and more original; more something that is part of the composer. Daniel Eboli is a very welcome to the cluster of World artists I would listen to voluntarily and seeing as this is the first track I have ever reviewed from him - shame on me. Nonetheless after an introduction as powerful as Redemption you can bet I'm going to watching very closely from now on. Excellent work all round, great ideas, wonderfully realised sounds and a sense of fidelity that fits like a glove.

Highly Recommended World music.

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Daniel Eboli said...

OH, I really didnt expect this!

So many kind words, what can I say?

This is something that encourage me to make more music.

I am deeply honoured with your words, it will be kindly remembered by me forever.

And by the way, congratulations for your amazing work with the reviews and music.

I think many of us (unknown composers) appreciate your initiative.

Thanks again!

See you around!