Monday, July 13, 2009

Violent - Ambilent Sunrise

Hear The Track Here

Chris Bishop - sole prop and owner of POPspace and Project Overseer Productions - and I have a long standing collaboration. He feeds me the main food groups and I regurgitate it into these reviews. So far, in the time we have been doing this, he hasn't put a foot wrong, every single month his track picks up an extremely good rating or even - God forbid - the odd Must Have. His pick for this month is German `Electronica` outfit Violent which is odd considering that their one and only track on the POP website is Ambilent Sunrise which Chris gleefully assures me is 'near ambient work'. I say gleefully because he knows damn well that music to snooze by is not my usual diet but I'm up for anything....

But Violent???? Mmmmmm. Let's wait and see.

Chris wrote his own review of this track and used the phrase 'would make a pretty good sound track for a film/media project' which is the absolute KOD (Ed: Kiss Of Death) for me. Why do I have to find out these things while downloading? Don't I know yet how biased, narrow minded and prejudiced I am? I needn't have fretted though, I should have listened to the first thirty seconds of this track to see that - once again - Chris knew exactly what he was about. In fact, I personally think that Ambilent Sunrise has more to do with World music (my own groove) than either Ambient or Electronica, some of the samples being used are ones I've used myself in my own compositions.

Still, whats in a name huh? Of much more importance is the music and Ambilent Sunrise is very good, knitted together with an almost seamless arrangement and production, all aided by the use of some extremely high end musical sounds. What it shows me is that Violent are certainly capable enough to come up with some surprises, although - for my money - Ambilent Sunrise was a tad too long and with maybe too many ideas for its own good. Having said that, I am impressed with the uses they have put the various ethnic sounds to... Reminds me of somebody but I just can't put my finger on the name... :)

Adventurous blend of Ambient and World. Highly Recommended.

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