Friday, July 17, 2009

Mr Smith - Damn It Man ft LA Kid

Hear The Track Here

Next track up through the Rebelriffs blog is from New Jersey (oooh, what exit?) hip hop musician, the enigmatically named Mr Smith. Actually, it could be any one of his crew (Aim High Ent, DJ Esso, Money Malc or DJ Major) as well but we'll leave that one for now. I've actually had decent luck with hiphop tracks through the blog which is heartening because this is a genre I do like - with certain notable exceptions. To be honest, if I were force-fed a diet of what passes for commercial hiphop these days I'd be vomiting copiously within seconds and dead within a minute. Remember, folks, to have soul you got to have a heart. For me, the heart stopped on commercial hiphop some time ago.

Over the last few years, thanks to some excellent stuff I found on Soundclick my faith in the genre is much renewed, even more so since my blog started attracting requests from everywhere. For my money, Mr Smith falls most definitely into the Alternative hiphop side of the fence and that's fine by me. See, what I want most from a hiphop track is energy and an interesting arrangement and a rap that makes sense, even if it does have to use profanity. Intelligent rap with a decent line in wordplay (and no profanity, other than the mildness of the title) is almost unheard of.

Damn It Man is exactly what I want, from the excellent synth stabs to the pumping bass/kick combination; and a bass synth riff that dares you to get up dance. One to play as loud as possible that's for sure, largely due to the splendidly clean, precise production and mix, but also because this is one track where the beats and rap back each other up big time. Especially in the killer chorus this track sports, but be prepared to wander round humming damn it man for a few days. I did. That effect is only just beginning to wear off but the track just keeps getting better.

MUST HAVE Indie hiphop. (damn it!)

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