Friday, July 31, 2009

Big Wheel - Love Is In The Air

Hear The Track Here

Seeing as there are a lot of new faces on Soundclick at the moment, this might be the right time to introduce an old face. Big Wheel recently re-appeared on Soundclick a while ago after a year's haitus. I first came across this electronica artist in early 2006 when he delivered a series of really excellent IDM/DnB/house and even a drop of funk tracks until he dropped off the face on Soundclick. Fire (embryo) (May 2009) soon showed that not only was Big Wheel back, he was firing on all cylinders. It's a nine minute plus jaunt around some of the more rhythmic parts of the Big Wheel armoury and gained a Must Have from me.

Absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder. Ahhhh.

I have to say that this enthusiasm was greatly tempered when I had visions of this track being a remix of the turgid John Paul Young disco song. The only time it ever made sense to me was when sung by Rupert Everett and Colin Firth in the St Trinians movie, then he truly was comical. Needn't have worried though because, as the man says, '[I] just wanted to make something sweet and groovy'. That's exactly what he has done and any reference to the OTHER track of the same name is completely exorcised. And thank God for that eh?

While it's true that this version is also a disco track, that's only loosely and - to my ears - in the time honoured Big Wheel fashion. He's always had a good ear for catchy little licks and interesting progressions and the same is true for Love Is in The Air, despite it being fairly straight forward disco fodder. I don't know, maybe time has calmed my eternal fury at the whole genre, or maybe Big Wheel knows better not to rub that sore spot, who can tell. While you ponder on that thought, do grab a listen to this very slick slice of dancefloor.

High quality disco (no, honest Guv). Highly Recommended.

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