Saturday, July 25, 2009

- LMS - - Blind

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Its been a good long while since we last heard anything from Miami based rapper Last Man Standing (aka - LMS -). The last time I reviewed any of his material was Empire!! (June 2008) whereas he had kept me happy with some very slick raps over the preceding two years, a bit of a hiphop highlight of the time IMHO. The change (or rest or whatevah) doesn't seem to have done him any harm, because Blind will show that the man is right back there, as lippy as ever. As a rapper, LMS has always got respect from me even if the musical backings occasionally leave something to be desired.

This is definitely not the case with Blind (produced by Hazardis Soundz) because the track is absolutely right on the money and features one of the catchiest vocal samples I have heard in ages. Blind is a bit like a cut of slice of rock (the soft jangly kind) mixed with some hefty beatz and I KNOW that opening vocal from somewhere. The end result is a welcome return to LMS and certainly one of the most coherent and edgy tracks I have heard from him so big kudos to everyone involved I'd say. A track to be proud of.

One thing I have learned about indie rappers, they absolutely will not post lyrics online and usually I can't be arsed to try and figure them out and go more for the flow. LMS is one of the few rappers on Soundclick who I will take the time to get the sense out of the words, and that has always been the case from day one. What makes it a pleasure with Blind is that its such an easy track to play - and as commercial as all get out. A great collaborative effort and a very, very strong performance from a rapper who has always shown promise and Blind is about as good as anything at there, and so catchy it'll probably infect from the first listen. Tick tock boom!

MUST HAVE topical hiphop.

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