Friday, July 10, 2009

Ploy For Extinction - From Within EP

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Ummm, ummm, let me see now.... First review track through the blog this month is Ploy For Extinction, a (I quote) 'Metal / Thrash / Hardcore' band from Denver, Colorado. Consisting of vocalist Matt Mainey, guitarist Matt Fagan, drummer Mike Tuley and bassist Andrew Pettitt, the band was formed in 2008 and are - apparently - a live, gigging band. Not that this surprises me, having been to that wonderful state many times, I know it has a thriving local music scene - even if everybody gets to play in glorified bars. It's a time honoured American tradition doncha know? Mind you, I don't know how so much doom and gloom (not to mention the heavy metal/thrash element) would go down amongst the beer-swilling multitude. Of which I'm a fully paid up member, albeit a bit wobbly on my pins.


Ploy For Extinction obviously understand the term 'EP' because From Within features exactly 4 tracks; From Within, The People's Plague, Faceless Suffering and The Escape and the only one I didn't get to spend any time with was From Within, the title track itself so to compensate, I spent a few visits on their Myspazz page having a listen. As it happens, I think it is a track I would have liked to make up the set (as it were) because in toto, these four incredibly dense tracks really show just how diverse this band is. Certainly not something you would pick up in fleeting visit - especially not if HEAVY thrash brings you out in festering boils. Me? I love this stuff - gimmie more. The People's Plague slams out of the starting gate as if its ass is on fire and proceeds at near light speed through apocalyptic vision after apocalyptic vision. The vocalist is very reminiscent of Till Lindemann, vocalist with German band Rammstein - one of my own all time favourites so I am bound to like this material.

You, on the other hand, need to tread carefully.

I know I have what is perceived as odd tastes but I do like the way that Ploy For Extinction (over the four tracks) explore the territory and I like stuff that whizzes along so fast it makes your skin fold back. It sort of goes with the ear-pinning the extreme volumes are doing to your ears. It may sound painful but I prefer the term cathartic. Seriously when I need a kick up the ass, I immediately reach for something that does the job and - take my word for this - Faceless Suffering is the Mr Kleen of this particular set. Set the volume high enough to sandpaper your face off and get nodding. Must have track and the serious highlight, for me, of this particular EP. As I say, being a mix of metal/thrash/hardcore is definitely not going to appeal to everybody but if like your rock music as hard and crazy as a diamond, Ploy For Extinction is well handy for the job.

Hardcore, hardcore. MUST HAVE for the genre (but be careful)

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