Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Schwa Sound - you so hip!!

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OK colour me puzzled. I could have sworn on a stack of bibles that I had reviewed The Schwa Sound before but I can find absolutely no trace of the event outside my fevered imagination. Surely, you would think, I'd remember music that was 'neo buzz post alt rockin out' or even the slightly less lustful 'solid riffin buzz rock'? Alas, t'was not to be unless nixon1972 (for it is he) can enlighten me further. There again that depends on the state of this review so I suppose I'd better get on with it before I'm accused of wasting peoples time...

...not an unknown occurrence.

You so hip!! is a very satisfying slab of power rock which slammed into my consciousness from pretty much the first play. Fair dos though, it IS rock and I always find that hard to resist. I must say that I loved the retro sound of this track, pulling this together took a lot of effort. The Schwa Sound is essentially Kevin Boyle but helped out in this case by Chris Bakos (bass) Bill on drums and mastered by Steve Duff. It definitely sounds like a team effort too, big, meaty and right to the point. A lot of this punch comes from the mastering and its nice to see a musician making that extra effort. Even if he is a Sufferin Man ;)

The list of influences The Schwa Sound cites contains a great many of my own favourites including, I note, Neil Young (in his Crazy Horse years). Neil Young has delivered an absolutely blistering series of festival appearances throughout the UK lately, including headlining Glastonbury where his set was one of the best live sets I've seen in years. That same energy and excitement (and yes a tinge of Young in Kevin's vocals) is what really makes you so hip!! so well......hip. It's a given that you like rock of the old school but this still sounds fresh and rocking enough that it should turn a few heads.

Excellent rock treatment. Highly Recommended.

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