Friday, July 24, 2009

Charlie A - Going Backwards

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For those of us who know him, Charlie Armour has been a very welcome addition to the little scene we all inhabit. Its a sure sign that an artist is mixing well when he starts to collaborate with all and sundry and Charlie has almost made a career of it. Not only that, he's a very nice chap into the bargain. Not that this would save him if he delivered a turkey to me (or any other reviewer) especially when his chosen musical frolic field is none other than Gilmore Nemesis #1: Film Soundtracks. It's a good job then that Charlie has become somewhat fire and bomb proof because of his musical skills because - believe me - this isn't yer normal filmic wonder. Nope, Charlie actually uses a fine sense of melody and pacing to make a piece of music that could stand on its own two feet - regardless of genre.

Got to love that attitude.

'Life is like this sometimes, when you think your going forwards your actually stepping back without even knowing but this song is about that' Charlie says in the song comments. Obviously aware of the one step forward, two steps back rule of modern life. I swear every time I played Going Backwards I could see an enormous desert stretching out in front of me, such is the instant high this quiet, seemingly inoffensive track delivers. Charlie has always been a bit of a dab hand at encapsulating a feeling in two minutes or less and IMHO I think he's outdone himself this time.

No if I were being brutally honest I would have to admit that this doesn't do much for me, but I wouldn't expect it to because I don't particularly enjoy Film Music anyway but I do like (and recognise) when a track creates a certain mood. Going Backwards did that instantly with me and didn't stop even after the normal run of plays. Along with that knack for a good tune, Charlie never puts a foot wrong with instrument choice either, as Going Backwards amply shows. I have no problem imagining Charlie scoring a real film one of these days (he's done some shorts already...)

Excellent Film Soundtrack. Highly Recommended.

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