Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mike-K - Shuffling Along (The Drunken Shuffle)

Hear The Track Here

The man. The leg end. DJ, Soundclick stalwart and musician, Mike Kohlgraf (for it is he) has been around longer than me, which means he must be well up there in the Methuselah stakes. Hey, you are only as old as the music you are playing and the women you are fondling so I contend that both Mike and I are 12 in real terms. So nrrr. Anywayyyyy, As much as I admire Mike for his dedication to the cause of indie music, and really respect his ears, with his own music we often disagree. Most of that problem is down to my own antipathy towards anything smooth - outside of a pint of beer that is.

He has been quiet of late, the last track I reviewed was Jazzy Blues (February 2009), an intense collaboration with Kephas that hit all the right spots - for jazzy blues. Mind you, the track before that - Mad!! (January 2009) - was the side of Mike that I most prefer - the rocker and Shuffling Along - The Drunken Shuffle is that same straight ahead, no nonsense, no compromise rock of the old school. Mike's getting some lovely things happening with his lead work, that's all I can say. The tone on the guitar on this is superb and Mikes playing is fast, furious and toe-tappingly good.

Moreover, the whole track smacks of care, devotion and attention to detail, a not unusual trait for this musician but I think Shuffling Along stands out somewhat more than previous tracks. The whole arrangement and production is livelier, punchier than I recollect Mike doing before. Or maybe the break between tracks just made my ears better :) Since he has worked with Kephas I've noticed more and more a much more expanded, almost Latin, feel to the instrumental that IMHO works a treat. It seems like you can, in fact, teach an old dog new tricks - now go fetch!

Highly Recommended no nonsense rock guitar instrumental.

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