Friday, July 17, 2009

Pilesar - Save Village from Evil Spirit

Hear The Track Here

Be careful with this - in many ways - but mostly because there are two versions of this on Pilesar's Soundclick page and, if you are not used to this artist, the live version may damage important parts of your brain. I adapted to this hazard early on and am almost through on the patented brain protector needed to approach this extremely idiosyncratic musician, in the meantime I wear a tin hat when reviewing his work. Or, failing that, a common colander will suffice. Having reviewed endless tracks since encountering this musician back in 2004, I have always found it wise to be prepared for anything.

And the b****** still keeps surprising me.

Over the last year or so I have noticed a definite tightening up on the good ship Pilesar, the ideas are more focused and much more fascinating. Whether that is down to Pilesars increasing capacity to take this onto a live setting and enhance his experiments there or whether its just a product of his development. Whatever it is, I like it and I want a whole lot more. Save Village from Evil Spirit is brand new and the title track of an upcoming Pilesar album which is well worth looking forward to. Its not true, obviously, that I listen to Pilesar with metallic protection, he's the kind of musician that gets under any protection.

As I say, I find the genius of what Pilesar does amazing. Now maybe I am deluded and its just some guy making noise for noise sake and everybody else is deaf to it. I tend not to think so though, because the one thing I noticed from the start with this musician is how sharp he is at getting his vision right. Not comfortable listening I'll grant you and Save Village is positively commercial in the extreme compared to some of his more out there compositions. Now the first thought you may have when starting this bad boy up is that THIS is an out there composition. Uh uh. Nuh huh. This is a light-hearted trot into the heart of the African jungle, as seen through Pilesar's endearing gaze.

Highly Recommended experimental out thereness.

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