Friday, July 17, 2009

Densyl - Music Is My Life

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I certainly didn't think it fair to judge Canadian country pop musician Densyl by I Love You (May 2009) because as much as the style grated on me, the overriding emotion of the track - a love song to his wife - was a bit too personal for my tastes. I suspect I am not alone in this, there is a certain strain of Country music that is cloying to the extreme and I Love You was a classic example of that. There again, I suspect his wife loved it, so what the hey... Anyway, that was then and this is now so lets get one thing straight. Although I don't particularly like waltzing in the middle of the musical road, I do in fact have a fairly open mind about it so long as certain ducks are in order...

Yes, ducks.

Prime quacker just has to be a good song and Music Is My Life is indeed that. I have to admit to a short sigh of relief when the track started kicking me up the butt because I surely would have hated to do it to him again ;) Music Is My Life is a sentiment almost all of us recognise in some form; we might wander off the track every once in a while but we always end up back with the music in the end. Densyl gives this urge a credible voice in this easy going, but effortlessly punchy song. Apparently it was 'Crossover country rock (remastered) No1 country rock song on Broadjam' and I can easily see that.

S'all about kwality innit?

Personally I am so glad I had a chance to see the real meat and potatoes this musician has to offer because Music Is My Life is exactly what I like; organs, guitars, harmonies yeah yeah. Its also highly relevant lyrically too, especially if playing out live is part of your existence. Ultimately though, what lifts this track is the arrangement and production, it packs a lot into three and a half minutes all of it performed solidly with not a hair out of place. For my money its a clever blend of rock and country with possibly more rock than t'other but whichever it's a damn fine listen. Perked me right up, it did.

Highly Recommended Country Rock.

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