Friday, July 17, 2009

David Pendragon and World Tribe Ensemble - Irish Blessings

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The Wizard Of Aus, got to love that monniker... In case you are wondering I describe David Pendragon, musician, producer and all round whizz in matters technical. He is also the main mover behind tribe World Ensemble, for my money one of the brighter prospects I have come across over the past couple of years. TWE is a massive, world wide collaboration consisting of some 25 artists dotted here and yon, all carefully sewed into a whole by David. The kind of tracks that makes most peoples jaw drop. On occasion, I get to play some tracks I review to real live people and I never tire of seeing the look on their faces when I play a TWE song. Unsigned, unknown music, no good?

As fekkin if. Don't get better than this. Period.

Damn, I feel like that should be followed by a Must Have and I haven't even got to talk about the track in question today. Irish Blessings is an older track from The Gathering album, a couple of years old now but hey these are tunes that weather well. Even the merest glance at this track will show that, and don't let that tinkly intro fool you, this is a meaty track when it needs to be. London has always had a pretty lively Irish community, so the showband concept is well known to me and this is the source David Pendragon and TWE are tapping - rather than conventional traditional Irish music.

Who cares though, sod the technical guff, feel the quality at work here. Now I am the very first to admit that there is a certain sort of semi-ballad that really ticks me off and in any other hands, a track like this just wouldn't work. It's a sign of this groups dedication to the art that not only can they pull it off, but they create a lovely piece of music and a beautiful, meaningful song into the bargain. Can't say - hand on heart that the intro did much for me, the the tune itself sings of the Auld Country. If you think you need to polish up your vocal production skills, here's an object lesson in getting it just right. The backing vocals on top of that are just sublime and definitely lifts the track enormously. May the road rise up to meet you indeed...

MUST HAVE (terrific song and performance)

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