Sunday, July 19, 2009

Michael Vincent Fusco - The Philandering Marsupial

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Third time around for Californian Michael Vincent Fusco, an electronica musician who has fared surprisingly well by me considering that the first two tracks - The Angry Block (April 2009) and The Bashful Ghost (May 2009) - were couched in my least favourite genre as games soundtrack material. It's to Michael's great credit that both tracks had much more going on than most games soundtracks you are likely to hear. Moreover, with none of the painful repetitiveness that is prevalent in so much of the genre and that is a massive point in this musicians favour.

The Philandering Marsupial is another addition to Michael Vincent's growing menagerie and - lo and behold - this one happens to be a breakbeat track. Yay, indeed. In all of the tracks I have heard so far, it is obvious that this musician has a feel for the rhythm side of things as evidenced by the pumping backline of both the previous tracks. On this track Michael Vincent takes that to its logical conclusion because The Philandering Marsupial is almost nothing but rhythm, so I guess a taste for breakbeat and/or drums and bass is going to be a prerequisite to really enjoy this track.

To be sure, it isn't a track to set the world on fire, but there again what instrumental could be? There is a certain limiting factor that will ensure that tracks like these will have a short shelf life. There again, I like what Michael Vincent is up to, and especially so on this track because it is much more down my street than previous tracks. The Philandering Marsupial has some excellent DnB production tricks (multi-triggered kicks, percussion effects) that keep you listening, even if you don't particularly like instrumentals. Considering that it's just three and a half minutes long, it packs so much in you would swear it was longer. I reckon that Michael Vincent Fusco is one electronica musician it would be worth keeping an eye on.

Recommended breakbeat Electronica.

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