Friday, July 10, 2009

Minimack - 1-2-3

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Just because he's been away from the forums for a while, don't assume that PA (Pennsylvania, USA) based hiphop artist Minimack is kicking back and hanging with his b******, or maybe not after listening to the plotline of Ain't Gotta (June 2009). Although I personally found it valid and even exciting it is still a pretty intense ripping apart of a relationship told in an extremely graphic way. But, after all, this is hiphop and if you know anything about current musical trends.... Still, mustn't dwell too much on that festering sore eh? Next thing you know I'll have pulled out my soapbox and lead-lined my throat for a marathon rant...

So, business as usual then?

First off, be aware that 1-2-3 carries the ubiquitous Parental Advisory so if swearing and or violent graphic images upset you, go away now. For the majority though, maybe inured to it?, listening to this track will show one of Soundclick's more promising hiphop/rap musicians getting busy with the attention to detail I have come to expect from him. The music and beats are from - so Minimack writes - 'Cynial Productions' but I think that must be an actual mispelling, no doubt he'll let us know. It will be worth knowing too, because this combination of music and Minimack's increasingly confident sounding raps delivers in high old style.

I am a big, big fan of the early days of hiphop and it's almost poetic approach (whatever the subject matter) and - to be honest - I have rarely found modern artists as relevant. More to the point, the ethos that permeates 1-2-3 is the powering of the rap and again a great example of the beat and song fitting together as if born to it. Although there is a considerable repetition in the backing track you don't really notice it because the rap demands that you pay attention. Can't say I have heard Minimack sound any better on any of the few tracks I have reviewed so far. Solid, sharp and wonderfully produced hiphop that speaks volumes for the whole 'unsigned hiphop is crap' school.

Excellent slice of hiphop, served hot. Highly Recommended

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