Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Patrick Lew's Band - Sailormoons Date

Hear The Track Here

Patrick is a (and I quote) 'Rebellious Chinese rock star' although there may be more than a few people who would argue the toss about that one' Rebellious certainly, at least as far as most musical rules go. Patrick, bless him, delights in baffling and confounding almost everybody who comes into contact with his music - including this reviewer. In the six years I have been reviewing Soundclick artists there has been an ever changing rota of musicians whose idea of what works directly conflicts with all known natural (and supernatural) laws. Patrick merely happens to be the one holding the torch right now. Yeah but, you say, you are a cranky, sad assed old buffoon who wouldn't know cutting edge even if it jumped up and slit your scrawny, wrinkled neck.

My, my we are feeling feisty today...

Take, for example, Sailormoon's Date. When I first played it, I thought maybe Patrick had slipped an actual tune to me but no, there were plenty of wtf moments but not as many as on some of his more notorious tracks. In fact, Sailormoon's Date sounds positively normal and I never suspected that one day I would use that word in conjunction with anything from this quarter. If, like me, you are fascinated by Japanese anime, the the name Sailor Moon will already be extremely well known. Now a worldwide phenomenon, the cartoon features the usual plethora of underage females and deep, seemingly mystical plotlines. Here, is where Patrick and I are in complete agreement - Asian women really are the best.

But not, I contend, the under age ones.

My only real quibble about this track (also another first I suspect) is that the whole tune is carried almost entirely in high register and, I have to be honest, it started to really grate on my after a while. Mind you the same thing happens to me with some anime shorts music so guess it's about right. As I say, possibly one of the most musical tracks I have ever heard from Patrick Lew which shows that - despite his record - he has all this stuff inside him. We just haven't see it come out of its nervous state yet. Gawd knows why it would be nervous though after some of the stuff he has made us all listen to, better is a blessing. I think you'd have to like both anime and soundtracks to really get much out of this but for Patrick, it's positively commercial.

Recommended Anime soundtrack.

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