Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fear 2 Stop - Jetta Ride

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Billy (Castillo), one third of Fear 2 Stop is an endlessly surprising guy, now I discover that he speaks German - or, like me, is adept at using the endless translators available on the web. 'F2S sind die Meister von allem, das techno ist' he posits in the song comments for Jetta Ride which - Google translated - means 'F2S are the masters of all that is techno' There again it could be instructing a native of Spleekip, Outer Mongolia where exactly to insert that drainage tool, only Google - in its instant wisdom and never-do-evil-ism can tell for sure. As a further point, I wouldn't have stated with any authority that Fear 2 Stop were indeed said masters of techno because - to my knowledge - I have never heard them make any. Techno, that is.

Experimental on the other hand, yay verily, and by the bucketload.

The Jetta, of course, being of the Volkswagen variety - hence the German I suppose - but quite what that has to do with the musical content of Jetta Ride is a matter of conjecture. I have a tried and true method of dealing with Fear 2 Stop's particular blend of experimental (whatever the genre is, you can bet F2S will experimentalise it), I just let wash over me several dozen times and see what sticks. It's always been a bit of a hit and miss process but - over the years I have been reviewing them - it's been a good and often positive experience overall. So whatever you do, don't expect this to be yer average 4 to the floor techno-fest. Fear 2 Stop have way too much on the ball to fall for that old turkey.

What you get from this miracle of Houston engineering (Wassup Maan Engineering) is the usual Fear 2 Stop fayre: solid steel bassline, a drum track put together by the Jolly Juggernaut (who happens to be also seriously drunk at the wheel) and an always changing scenery of analog and digital sounds to make the journey seem less frenetic. Die-hard fans (like me) will instantly recognise that inimitable F2S sound but - truth is - I didn't think this track as strong as some I have reviewed in the past but it does show what Fear 2 Stop do best. If indeed I can use the term best here. That's the problem with bands like Fear 2 Stop, material of this nature is bound to appeal to a minority of noise nuts...

Recommended aural mayhem from an inexhaustible source.

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