Thursday, July 30, 2009

Conory - I'm Still In Love (Directors Cut)

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Third time around for UK based musician Conory and out of the three tracks at least two have some extremely good reviews from me. Mind you, he made a big impression on me first time out, and that always helps. Conory is an Alternative musician, although he tends to stretch the genre somewhat but not, as it happens on I'm Still In Love (Directors Cut) which is about as Alternative as it gets. The term alternative to me means a good, usually guitar based, track with distinctly rock overtones and a vocal to match. I'm Still In Love has all those and is a killer track into the bargain.

Especially if you are in a retro mode.

Reminds me a lot of the classic songwriters, and that for me is its main appeal. There is a loping jauntiness to the track and definitely a Doors feel about the whole shebang. All good things in my world that's for sure. The track is produced as clean as possible, leaving the track to stand or fall on its own merits and its a sign of how good a song it is to need so little musical backup. That's not to say that the track is sparse musically, it isn't. There's lots going on, in a rock kind of way, but nothing gets in the way of the main event - the song.

I personally liked the differences in feel between the straight ahead verses and the more laid back chorus, although the chord progressions in the verses came a close second. It took me a while to properly appreciate this little beauty so, as good as its first impression is, I do advise setting a bit of time to get to know this track - it is well worth it. Conory has always impressed me with his abilities but I think this is - by far - the best thing I have heard from him and one of the best listens I've had this year. Bowie eat your heart out...


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