Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Dead Company - How Do You Feel Now

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Over the years I've had a few opportunities to work with spoken word artists and - for the most part - enjoyed the experience. I think it's probably the main reason why The Dead Company caught my attention when I first stumbled on them in early 2003. At the time the band was a three piece with the main vocal role being picked up by one Sean Boyle (aka Black Circles), but it was the combination of Jon Bushaway and Sean set the pace for a great many people around at the time. Groundbreaking was not the word, to this day I have never had another experience like it, and I've encountered more than my fair share of musical oddities. Nope, TDC were special then, and they are special now, Sean's place being more than ably filled by one Larry Ludwick - a name many Soundclicker's are well aware of.

It's the combination of Jon Bushaway's sombre musical vision and the intense lyrical style that have always been one of the major hallmarks of this artist, and one of the serious draws for me. I was always attracted to the musical side of their work at the beginning, even the most soundscape structured pieces because I recognised what was successful at: painting musical atmospheres. The twist in the tail is the WAY The Dead Company uses these elements to either frighten you senseless or shock you rigid. The Dead Company, as you can well imagine, do not take prisoners.

Nope, torture is much more fun.

Mr Bushway has always been a dab hand at fearful, glance over your shoulder music and How Do You Feel Now is a shining example of how to tighten people's minds tighter than a tick. Nervous people REALLY should avoid this like the plague. I am perfectly well aware that music of this type couldn't appeal to anything but tiny sliver of the music-loving audience, but that sliver is certainly wide enough to sustain The Dead Company for many more years yet. I am amazed that the feeling and style of How Do You Feel Now is as close as dammit to the way it sounded back in the day. Not for everyone but God, I really like this sound.

Highly Recommended experimental mood music.

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