Thursday, July 30, 2009

Closer Productions - Herb Off The Curb

Hear The Track Here

Or shotting as its known in the UK. If you have no idea what I am talking about, you're too damn old. I suspect, that despite the thirty plus songs on this artists Soundclick page, Closer Productions is newer to Soundclick than appears. As you might be suspecting, Closer Productions is also what is known as a 'beat factory' - almost a cottage industry on Soundclick. In other words, beat factories make instrumental tracks that people can lease and then rap over them. Many a would be rapper on Soundclick uses this method and it usually works. Mind you, we are talking about the biggest independent hiphop scene (and therefore market) online right now and the competition is fierce.

Yes, as in grrrr...

If you have ever had to go shopping for some greenery (hint, hint) and you had to do it right out in public, think of the state of alert you'd be on. If you weren't that psyched out about it, then you were probably the one dealing out said greenery. A bit of an unnerving experience, or that's what my mate said ;) Anyway, Herb Off The Curb manages somehow to convey that tenseness into this excellent little rhythm track, along with the elation at knowing you have it in your hand. Or... yes, maybe I am reading a little bit too much into this...

Obviously it's going to be more use to those people actually looking for beats to work with and seeing as a few of these read these shoddy goods, maybe I can become matchmaker. For the usual fee, of course. So what would I get for my quid/buck/yen/loon/euro? Actually you'd be leasing an extremely interesting and varied musical track that sounds fine on its own, all it needs now is for you to come along and f*** it right up. Now, was that the right expression? I suspect not but there is no doubt I'm probably going to be reviewing this in another form, it is that good.

Highly Recommended beats instrumental

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