Sunday, July 13, 2008

Larry Ludwick - Nod's Ascent To Dave

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Now I'm not one for dabbling with things oleaginous and I freely admit that the words 'new age' or 'smooth' do induce the same queasy feeling, so you would think that I couldn't find any music containing those terms to suit my taste. Well, not quite true because thanks to Soundclick's amazing diversity I actually have been able to find artists in most of my least liked genres that I would give time to. See, I'm not completely heartless, but the one thing that does count with me is to make a track with authority and confidence whatever the genre. That soon sorts the wheat from the chaff. Soundclick's Critics Corner forum users are already aware of this guy and his trenchant reviews, but what of the music behind the man?

Well, shut up a minute and I'll get to it....

Billed as 'free flowing jazz' and a tribute to 'a jazz friend Dave Bridges' sounded like the kind of thing I would like well enough (I have a like for jazz of all descriptions - except probably smooth). Upon encountering this track I initially had visions of one of my all time horrors: a Kenny G soundalike. Needn't have worried though because the track opens up quickly enough to show you that there is much here that is worth a listen, not the least of it being the very clear, well-balanced mix and yeah!! attention to the bottom end. Gotta love it.

Don't let the 'free jazz' tag put you off because it's actually very palatable and - as our ears can testify - nothing like the squawks, screams and minor flatulence of some of the harder school. I think that's where the Kenny G comparison comes from, the sheer listenability of the sound itself. Nothing like as irritating or as pompous of course, and in Larry's hands - with some lovely piano peices - a very good track indeed. Better if you like the jazzier side of life, but worth a listen nonetheless if you've got a moment or two.

Class Jazz. Recommended.

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