Thursday, July 24, 2008

Essence - Towers Are Gone

Hear The Track Here

Firstly, abject apologies to both Essence and Dan Michaelson, the two talents behind Towers Are Gone. I'd somehow left their name off my final review list and only noticed it a day before Essence so politely reminded me. I can be forgetful that's for sure and it's best to get a reminder than not. Especially from the lady herself, you can scold me anytime ;) In case you have no idea who I am brazenly frilrting with Essence is a willowy singer/songwriter from MP3 Unsigned who I have reviewed from time to time - usually in a collaboration. In this case, Dan Michaelson supplies the musical track with Essence delivering vocals, lyrics and final mix. Must admit that I hadn't heard of Dan before but this Texan has apparently worked with Essence on other things.

This is the second track Essence and Dan have worked on (The Ocean Tamed the other) and both have a similar piano-led arrangement. Taste is the name of the game here, and certainly Essence's usual playing field of Dance doesn't get a look-in Tell you what, if you like this you will undoubtedly like The Ocean Tamed too so there's the link. I do like a good piano peice and Towers Are Gone is pretty much nothing but, as a peice it could well stand on its own and get serious attention.

Essence has become an excellent songwriter and Towers Are Gone is a classic example of that. Lyrical content and vocal performance only add to the tracks considerable poignancy. You may have noticed this track because of the title and put two and two together and made 157, so let me put you straight. Towers Are Gone is a reference only to the feeling of devastation and loss that accompanied the event, and Essence in using it in a (I think) personal way and it certainly works. I love the little backing vocal touches she has added to it too.

Terrific song AND it's a piano ballad. Highly Recommended.

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