Sunday, July 20, 2008

Iannai - Would You

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I don't know, would you? Iannai has made a very favourable impression on this reviewer, and all in the space of two tracks which is not bad going. Made a few friends too, as he is active on Soundclick's forums which always helps in getting the message across. I first came across this Contemporary Christian artist with Just Enough For Me (May 2008) which a bit too smooth for my tastes, I was still able to highly recommend it for its quality and production. Scattered Peices (June 2008) veered in an altogether different direction, a sharp, concise, very rhythmic peice of IDM that got a Must Have from me. This has been a lean year for Must Have's so far so it's nice to add another to the collection.

Would You is yet another genre change, this time to Classical - or as close to it as possible. After all, to be really classical you would have to be a) white; b) male or c) dead. 'Reminds me of Debussy at one point' Ianni says in the song comments, and he is definitely all three. Debussy that is, not Iannai. Tell you what, lets get off that subject entirely. I wouldn't claim to know Debussy's work by ear but I'll take Iannai's word for it. As far as my (obviously) philistine ears are concerned it's a nicely conceived peice and - as usual - very polished production.

Can't say I am a great fan of this style but again Iannai shows that he has the chops in whatever genre he seems to put his mind too. Three tracks, three very different styles. The more you hear Would You, the more it becomes clear that this has classical overtones but to my ears there is a lot of spacey new age in there too. As such, this is a very decent bit of chillage material, and a lot more interesting than most new age I've heard. I suspect that people will latch onto this track too but again it's not really my cuppa. Don't let that stop you, or the endless tags I seem to have appended to this artist. :D

Highly Recommended Contemporary Classical/New Age

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