Sunday, July 20, 2008

MD-1 Project - World Eclipse

Hear The Track Here

When I first saw this track while downloading it, I noticed that I was being slipped a Dance track - and this from a usually impeccable source. Yes, awkward and idiosyncratic would also fit the bill when talking about the musical output of one Ricky Mancini (aka he of the Projects; MD-1 and Stella Polaris). Over the couple of years I have been listening to this very different musician, I've noticed a hardening of his own personal take on what fits in a track, and all the better for it I say because - no matter what genre he takes on - it's a fair bet that it isn't going to sound like anything else. Mind you, it doesn't matter what I think anyway - the man seems to have a permanent number one slot over at MP3 Unsigned.

As you know, I am extremely leery of anything that smacks of dance but I embraced this track like a long lost brother within the first minute or so. That's how much dance it contains. MD-1 Project is an artist of the sardine school (as am I). Nothing to do with the widdle fishies, but a musician who thinks that every single space should be filled by something. Not, as you might think, to clog the track up with sound. A wise producer creates their own silent space, Grasshopper. Nope, but to give the listener (that's you and me folks) plenty to gawp at as we pass through the track. It's one of the things I have grown to most like about this musicians work, that attention to detail.

What about the awkward and idiosyncratic you say? Well, listen to World Eclipse and you will soon get the picture. A percussive treat with a slamming bass section that blows me away every time I hear it. When I first played it through my big sound system I feared for me woofer. Whatever else you say, MD-1 Project is a master at peicing things together that have no right to been seen together, especially in public - and yet it all works wonderfully. World Eclipse is challenging and that isn't something I often get to say about anything dance-y but as I said before, this is Ricky's own highly warped view and I like it this much (opens arms wide).

MUST HAVE Dance, with some wicked twists.

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