Sunday, July 20, 2008

Eric Oberg - Prosperous Dude

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Deep in the bowels of Chaos Central (that's my computer) is a small dark room. That room is kept neat and tidy by the most anal man on the planet ie me. It's a special place ya see, because it's the archive for every single review I have ever written; a necessity when you review at the prodigious rate I do. See, you mind tends to go a-wandering after a while and it's only down to the bells ringing that signal its time to consult that special room. Erik Oberg rang the most ferocious of bells and it took me a while to track down why. Erik was one of the very first reviewees when I first moved my reviews from another site to Soundclick in early 2003, and my review of Exotic Tuesday was reasonable enough....

So why three years between tracks?? :D

Erik knows, and obviously that amount of time is going to render any past review redundant anyway - which is probably all to the good. In fact, I found it quite refreshing to approach this as if Erik were a new artist because the difference is remarkable. Prosperous Dude is a nice slice of rock pop that has at its heart a very decent song and a sturdy, effective production that sets it out from the crowd. Lot of work and thought gone into this track and it shows in every note and vocal utterance.

Someone made a comment that it sounds like Moody Blues but I'd have said the Kinks in their heyday and latterly, Blur all of which Prosperous Dude refers to in one way or another. The performance and arrangement are the best part of the whole deal, if I had to single anything out but that's a bit unfair. This is a whole track, a living, breathing entity that will shed a little light into anyone's life. And at a mere three minutes and change it's criminal to pass it by. Let's hope its not another three years before another release from this musician and watch me now when I say....

MUST HAVE rock/pop

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