Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mahmood Fahim - Movin On

Hear The Track Here

I think Mahmood Fahim must be a very frustrated guy right now. He sent me this track what seems like weeks ago but things have been so busy, he's been bumped and bumped but no more!! Yaaayy. For those still at the 'who he?' stage, I first encountered this Bangladeshi guitarist when I reviewed Nischup Protifolon (Quiet Reflection) (June 2006) and obviously a bit of time has passed since then. Just in case I had been real naughty and abusive, I went back to read the review to make sure the long gap between tracks couldn't have been because of what I wrote.

Huh, the ego on me eh?? :D

I liked that track, although I can't say I was delighted with its very MOR feel, not my bag at all. None the less, there was no doubt in my mind that - as a guitarist - Mahmood certainly knew his stuff. In the intervening time he has added a couple of new tracks to his page, Movin On being one of them. The song comments describe it as 'instrumental rock guitar in the likes of Joe Satriani'' and I think that's a very fair description. As such, it's a fine guitar instrumental showing again that the man knows how to shred.

As I pointed out in my last review though, being a good musician is only half the battle. Sure, other guitarists will undoubtedly get into it, but a larger audience may not be readily available. There again, like many of us, riches and bitches are not the main reason for doing this for Mahmood. In which case, I'd say fair enough, if you like guitar instrumentals - especially of the Satriani school - then this is right down your street. Mixwise, I found a couple of the levels questionable (the left cymbal for example) and for my money a bit more time could have been spent widening the backline sound but that's probably just me being picky. No pun intended of course (Ed: Yeaaahh right....).

Recommended for Shreddies.

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