Sunday, July 13, 2008

Activeminded - My Star

Hear The Track Here

The problem with being a parent, especially a musical one, is that you want your children to follow in your footsteps and - usually - guesting on your tracks too. I know several combinations like this, some with grownup children and some with children much younger. Such is the case with Activeminded's new track, dedicated and featuring Madison the daughter of Tony (aka Activeminded). Funnily enough, although I know this guy quite well over the years I can't remember whether I've actually officially reviewed any of his music. I've certainly heard a fair bit at one point or another....

Electronic ambient has never been a favoured genre for me though, although I have found the odd gem or two in my time. One of things I do remember about the tracks I heard (I think in an online session on the old/original POP site) is the quality of the sound and performance. It's obvious from the first notes of My Star that Activeminded is very serious about how the finished product should sound and as the track progresses through the first couple of minutes there is plenty of stereo panning and wonderous sounds to gawp at. Definitely a track to space out to though, there ain't going to be a lot lively about this BUT the panning... That's one of my reasons for not liking the genre.

Can't fault quality and performance though regardless of genre or style, and I'm sure you'd agree that Activeminded shows just how good things can get, and if you like the genre then say nirvana buddy because I just found your new favourite track. Even though the track comes in at a very relaxed six and a half minutes, there's so much going on in there that the time won't register that much. All in all, an excellent slice of electronica - ambient or otherwise. I know what I'm going to be looking for the next time I have to recommend a chill-out.

Excellent Ambient. Highly Recommended.

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