Sunday, July 20, 2008

Between Worlds - Sacred Dreams Scene 2

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You wouldn't have thought that the music of Between Worlds (kinda spacey, new age electronica) and I could find much in common because I despise most of the genre. What makes Between Worlds different from the usual dreck is twofold: experience and taste. I reviewed Between Worlds Overture (June 2008) and found that's its combination of ambient and classical married to the usual faultless production could win over even this old curmudgeon. One of the things that is blindingly obvious from note one of any Between Worlds is that this is a musician who knows what he wants and gets it - whatever you may think of the genre. In my books, that always worthy of a looksee.

So, lets looksee.

Sacred Dreams Scene 2 is a collaboration featuring Chris and Drew Campbell - yet another POP talent. Essentially, Between Worlds wrote and recorded the initial track (a typical BW track, he comments) and then passed it on to Chris and Drew who added guitar and vocals and - as BW comments again - put their own spin on it. And what a spin it is. This track is like a slap in the face and NOTHING like I expected. See, again I like what Between Worlds does technically but I'm not always comfortable with the content. I've been living with this firecracker for days and it seems like forever. The combination of those two artists is dynamite.

Now bear in mind here that we are talking about something that technically has to be described as a ballad, at least in the main. It has it's rock side right enough, but it is a ballad at heart. As such, it should have me running screaming for the nearest heavy metal venue, but it's kinda/sorta Wings feel caught me and wouldn't let go. Moreover, at the bottom of this impressively presented track is a fine song. That and the rock solid mix and production are sure attention getters and I would have rated this even on a casual listen. The sort of track that should inspire you to check out both artists in their own right.

Excellent pop track. Highly Recommended.

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