Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mike-K - Harmony

Hear The Track Here

Every Saturday night, regular as clockwork for the past two years, I have spent the time lounging with my friends and peers - usually getting sillier by the minute - chatting with all and sundry and listening to some of the finest music on the planet - all free and all of the time. Yeah, yeah Gilmore, but so ferneking wot? Wot, my little philistines, makes Saturday nights (from 1AM to 3AM my time) essential listening? Mike Kohlgraf is wot, and his Saturday Night Rocks show (Now based at the new Mixposure site) really is essential listening. Especially if you want to know just how good [i]this[/i]scene is - and believe me you have no idea just how good it can be. Mike is converting people by the shedload so get your butts over there and paaaaarrrttttyyyyy....

No, I do NOT need to get out more.

As well as being a highly discerning DJ, Mike the K is also an excellent musician/producer in his own right, as my many reviews show. Having said that, he doesn't exactly work in genres that float my musical boats but hey I have a broad enough mind to float anything for a while. Harmony, surprisingly enough, is not Mike at his usual mellowness; the boy done got down and dirty on us. Well of course not really, o gullible ones, it's not in Mike's blood to rock out on his own material but this is definitely one of the rockiest tracks I have heard from him. And, with certain exceptions I will explain presently, Harmony is a standup job as I would have expected from the man himself.

This isn't, however, all the man himself. He's got a new peice of kit and I think I definitely see it's fingerprints on this arrangement and IMHO I don't think it always works. Let me see if I can explain. To my ears there are noticeable pauses at certain junctures in the track (usually when the arrangement changes) and that makes it jar for me. It may well be that these (admittedly miniscule) gaps are intentional but I can't see why. Still being the picky buttwipe I am, that may just my own interpretation of what's happening. As it is, I don't think most people will notice anything so nerdy as that, they will either like the track or not. Given the excellent work between guitars and sax lines on this track, the odds are in favour....

Recommended soft(ish) Rock instrumental.

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