Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fluidity - Lost and Found

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Given that the vast majority of musicians I know, it's amazing how many of them are one man bands. Much more to the point, in this plethora of individuals, how does one chooose? As usual, by ears and preferences. I am a rock man, always was always will be so one man bands like Fluidity are exactly right for my own preferences. I've known this new Zealand based musician for a couple of years and got very used to his particular style; a very Antipodean take on the genre. If you like the sound of bands like Spilt Enz and Crowded House then Fluidity will definitely ring some bells with you.

One of the hardest things to assimilate, in my case, was JP's distinctive vocal performance - definitely an acquired taste and Lost and Found is a classic example of why. When I am reviewing tracks, I am listening to them while going about my daily business so it isn't until I sit down to write the review that I usually read other information - including lyrics. In the case of Lost and Found I had a high old time trying to figure out what John Paul was singing about - and in what language. It wasn't until I read the lyrics that I understood what was going on. Phrasing is a state of mind as far as this boy is concerned.

Mind you, credit where credit is due, in Fluidity's case it usually works out. Mind you, that kinda sloppy treatment is not what I normally get from this artist, so I have to put that down to my own preference. Not to my mind as strong as some of his other recent tracks, it's still a pretty good picture of what a Fluidity track consists of. Well worthy of a listen or two but if I had to choose something that really typified what he does best, this wouldn't be it. Mind you, as you would hear, for a one man band he can sure kick up a lot of good ol' rock noise.

Recommended Antipodean rock.

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