Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pilesar - Beef On Fire

Hear The Track Here

Whether it be on thin ice or a razor edge you will always find someone who is 'out there', compared to the rest of us. They seem to thrive on it. Surprisingly enough our musical world has a few of them too; or at least lots of wannabes and a few very fine practioners of the art of skating on thin ice. My own personal favourite - and has been for a while is American musician Pilesar who I consider a prime figure in the weird and wonderful department. The one thing that can always be said about this experimental artist is that he definitely tries harder than most. Of course, what with him being experimental and a certified musical looney, there is bound be be a hefty wodge of 'wtf!' hanging out with it.

Always best to wear protection I say.

Considering I think that his more outre tracks are much more my interest, I do like his musical compositions to, especially the live material he has been coming up with lately. Beef On Fire is apparently a remake of an older tune but I'll take whatever I can get, know woorai mean?? Pilesar's musical tradition comes through Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart, strained through The Residents and Ween, and perfected on the mean streets of Maryland; which is bound to lead to a bit of chaos here and there. If either the terms alternative or experimental bring you out in a nasty rash then it best to avoid someone as free as Pilesar.

As well being extremely odd, Beef On Fire does supply an awful lot of neat parts too, and its those that finally won me over to the track. There again, I am a big fan of this artist so I am obviously biased but those names I mentioned are much revered in certain sectors and IMHO Pilesar is a very worthy successor. The track features all sorts of sounds along the way as you get musically assailed by what sounds initially like some '60's TV theme, written by madmen and performed with all seriousness. After it's sucked your brains out and introduced said beef into the picture, it goes romping off as if mad cow disease were but a mere propaganda ploy on behalf of our masters.

MUST HAVE for Pilesar fans, and yeah, you too I guess.

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