Tuesday, July 08, 2008

-LMS- - Best Friend

Hear The Track Here

Best Friend finds Miami based rapper -LMS- in mellow mood. Mind you, considering the quality of the tracks he has released this year and last, he's entitled to get all warm and cosy every once in while. Kicking back, smooching the ladies, nothing wrong with that. Can't say the softer side of hip hop has been one of my favourites otherwise my nose would get to grow a further inch or two, but when it's done properly, it does get past me. As far as I am concerned, so long as a track treads that fine line between cool and yuk, I can indeed appreciate some softer (read lotsa women like that stuff) rap.

Just a bit of a surprise to hear it from LMS is all...

There again, the one thing that has become apparent, to me and other people who know of him or his work, is his dedication to making it sound right. This track is produced by Beta Control which accounts for the difference in technique although it's still recognisably the man himself on the vocals. Beta Control is also a Miami native on Soundclick here, whose hip hop is from the jazzier side of the genre which has always found much favour with me, especially when carried out with some fidelty. LMS and Beta Control share song credits on this track although the original was uploaded in May 2007 and this version is very recent indeed.

I kinda liked the rough edges and odd sounds of the original, and LMS has calmed both those oddities and the jazz overtone that singled out the original. For sure, he's keep all that stuff in there, just given it a much more pointed production and focused it on the rap alone. Now I like this rapper, and I have done for a good while and he just keeps getting better, even on a track who style I don't like as much as others. I'm certain his many fans and listeners will take to this like ducks to water and so will you if you have an ounce of hip hop sensibility in your bones.

Excellent hip hop. Highly Recommended.

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