Thursday, July 31, 2008

Anthony Nicholosi - Everything

Hear The Track Here

Anthony Nicolosi - a new Soundclick name to me btw - doesn't pick an easy subject to write about, that's for sure. He says 'it's a song of desperation - like most of my songs'. Had I not heard the track more than a few times before I came across my first introduction to this artist, I would have assumed I was in for a heavy duty bout of sub Leonard Cohen to wrassle with. As it happens, Anthony cites the Beatles, Dylan, Pearl Jam amongst his musical influences and I think he should add Tom Waits to that list too, at least according to Everything.

Anthony Nicholosi is an Alternative folk-rocker in reality and Everything fits into that genre perfectly; a lazy, laconic vocal delivery and music so laid back it should be horizontal. Living in a world of unsigned one man bands, as I seem to, you get to notice the limitations a musician is working under and - I hope - usually compensate for it. As always, what I look for most is a song; a good song. Those, my friends, are well thin on the ground - especially this year for some reason.

So, as far as those limits go, like most home produced musicians there is boominess to the track although I don't think most people would notice. There is also a tendency when doing material like this that 'it's just for fun'. So it is, but not unfortunately when you release it (Ed: upload actually) and then ask for a review. The bar is scarily high in pretty much every genre; especially on Soundclick where there is a big audience for folk rock. As it goes, except for the boominess and the almost too lazy delivery, Everything is actually a pretty decent track - especially if you like folk rock.

Workmanlike folk rock. Saved by the song. Recommended,

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