Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dawn Sinclair - Golden Years

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I was only thinking to myself the other day that I had reviewed loads of Dawn Sinclair tracks but always by other people, which is not really the same thing at all. As you can gather, Dawn is a lyricist/songwriter whose tracks do have a certain something about them, all least the collabs I have come across anyway. We are talking about LOTS of those here. Dawn has worked with Dawn Diamond, Mykyndred, Andy F (more than once), Deggsy amongst many others so she's a busy busy lady. She just missed this month's signup by a day and given what I said above, I thought I'd slip her in anyway and sod the expense.

I know, it's sickening, isn't it?

Golden Years is a track from the upcoming Two Dawns 1 Day album featuring Dawn Diamond, a singer/songwriter from Fife, Scotland who is a firm favourite over at Soundclick. Another lady I have enormous respect for both for her songs as for his voice. I've always found the Scots accent melodious, especially the eastern side and Dawn sings this particular track in a lovely warm burr that sends shivers down me spine. Nothing whatsoever to do with the Bowie track of the same name, this track is a folk tale where Dawn Diamond is joined by Indrek Kald on fiddle with music and production by Juri Rosenfeld. Dawn Sinclair supplies the all important lyrics and they are as usual excellent.

Put all that together and you have an excellent rock folk track that fairly brims over with taste and authenticity, and that always goes down well with this reviewer. Fact of the matter is, I am a bit overwhelmed by this track but that's only because I have a personal love of this particular style and I never get to hear enough of it. It's folk authenticity is what does it for me, but you may be gripped by the excellent performance from all concerned or the open, clear mix - there is plenty to choose from. Most of all, Golden Years is a great song in a long and honorable tradition and I for one welcome it into the fold (and my hard drive).

MUST HAVE folk tale. Yeah. Really!!

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