Wednesday, July 09, 2008

MarkoBoko - All I've Got

Hear The Track Here

Another new name to me, this time from MP3 Unsigned. MarkoBoko is a one man band who specialises in Trance which, as you know, is not my favourite genre. Still I don't ever think that predjudice has interfered any with reviews from that genre in the past. OK, so I may not like the style but I can tell what kind of things the musician likes, and what kind of ideas he/she or it bring to the party. In this particular case Mark (for it is he) is a fellow Fruity Studio user and I know only too well what that piece of software can and cannot do. So, let's get the music on....

First impressions, no matter what they say, definitely do count especially online where the average attention span is less than zero. On that score, All I've got made enough of a dent to register with me right off the bat, although I did find some of the tunings a bit dodgy. Not sure whether that's my ears or the musicians take on what is/isn't musically kosher. As usual with tracks from this genre, better prepare for a long haul because it tops out at just a hair over six minutes long. Fine if you like the genre obviously but that may be off-putting for some of the more gnat brained out there.

So, what do you get? To be honest, I felt the production was flat, seems to my ears that there could have been a lot more tonal quality happening here. Moreso because the arrangement (given the genre) is about as sparse as it gets, which makes the final minute or so drag a bit - at least IMHO. To be fair though, MarkoBoko makes a point of telling us that this track is waiting for vocals, which I am sure will change the whole equation. In the meantime, should you thrive on the genre, come get some.

Workmanlike trance.

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