Sunday, July 13, 2008

Greybrow - Dancing on the Manic Fringes

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Now here's a name I haven't come across for a long time. For those Johnnie come lately's who have no idea who Greybrow is, a couple of years ago this guy was all over MP3 Unsigned like a rash. Since then things have been very quiet so it's good to welcome him back. As he explains on his webpage, Dancing On The Manic Fringes isn't a new track but a reworked, remixed older track although I can't remember hearing it before. The last track I did review, Brainstorm (January 2007) was his usual brand of experimental electronica and got a Highly Recommended from me, as most of his work does.

One thing that you can count on is a pleasant listen, experimental it may be but it's not as harsh or uncompromising as some experimental music I could name. Oh God, he's going to hate being called 'pleasant'... What I mean is that Greybrow tends more towards the sound of say, the Chemical Brothers than Stockhausen and that was the first musical reference that struck me when I first this track. As usual it is full of odd little sounds, all tweaked to within an inch of their lives; always a feature of Greybrow tracks and one that I always find appealing. More so when I've been subjected to other forms of 'experimental', know what I mean? I know which kind I prefer.

I'd be hard pressed to state that there is a tune here, or even a theme as such. Much more of a soundcape than I've heard from this artist before, Dancing On The Manic Fringes, meanders through it's five plus minutes of life rather than a more structured route. While there are Chemical Bros influences, the main tenor of the track also evokes some of the more esoteric work of the Pink Floyd, if you can imagine what that sounds like you would have a fair idea of whether you would like this or not. I do, but I am biased because I like quality and this artist has that and some.

Recommended Experimental Electronica.

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